TC391: Jordon Banfield, Oakland University

Jordon Banfield believes in himself. That becomes apparent two minutes into a conversation with the Oakland University coach. And not in an arrogant way. Not at all. It’s in the “Let me take your non-paying job, with no promise of income” type of belief in oneself. However, like most good young coaches, he’s either had the good sense or the good fortune (or both) to align himself with good mentors. In Jordon’s case, one of those good choices was Chris Ramirez, then head coach at D2 University of Illinois-Springfield. Good choice indeed.

In this episode, Coach Banfield talks about Oakland University, growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, deciding to attend the University of Michigan instead of playing college baseball, his coaching path, the stroke of luck that took him to UIS, coaching in Texas, taking a job with PBR in Arizona, his entrepreneurial inclinations, Akron and Chris Sabo, the interview and hiring process at Oakland, starting his head coaching career at Oakland, lessons learned along the way, staffing, and lessons for young coaches.

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