TC390: Matt Noone, Babson College

Another fine example of what the Northeast produces when it comes to baseball. The list is seemingly endless when it comes to guys who’ve had to coach in an unfavorable climate, yet have managed to succeed. Matt Noone has never strayed far from home and, in fact, could probably ride a scooter to his childhood home from his current office at Babson College. Many of you will know Coach Noone from his post on the ABCA Executive Committee.

In this episode, Coach Noone discusses Babson College and its highly regarded business school, Boston as a breeding ground for coaches and players, growing up in Boston and participating in three sports through high school (yes, of course, hockey!), starting the coaching portion of his career at his old high school, when he realized he wanted to coach, how hockey taught him to be a better coach, landing the job at Babson, taking his time in making the decision about Babson, the athletics at Babson, recruiting, facilities, the rising tide of college baseball, staffing, work/life balance, and what makes Northeast coaches so successful.

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