TC380: Danny Struck, Jeffersonville (IN) HS Wrestling

We’ve had great feedback from prior episodes featuring coaches from sports outside of baseball. Well, we’re making a concerted effort to get back on that track and bring you some of the brightest coaching stars from other sports. We get started this week with Danny Struck, a wrestling hall-of-famer who’s still hard at it at Jeffersonville High School in Jeffersonville, Indiana, right across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.

In this episode, Coach Struck talks about the history of Jeffersonville wrestling, his other jobs at Jeffersonville, his 25 years of coaching, his own college wrestling career, breaking his back, getting his coaching start in middle school, landing the job at Jeffersonville, showing up in person to ask for the job(!), the power of handwritten notes, how high school wrestling is structured in Indiana, developing the program at Jeffersonville, the funnel, developing a team spirit and mentality in an individual sport, staffing, and utilizing part time coaches.

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Photo credit:  Danny Struck
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