TC360: Juan Namnun, Frankford HS (PA)

Seems that you don’t have to look very far to see how baseball transcends the parameters of the game itself and spills into every facet of our lives. Coaches doing it for the wrong reason eventually find themselves looking at the field in their rearview mirror. Juan Namnun gets it. Baseball was his way out…and his way back in. It was a way to teach young people about things greater than hitting, running, and throwing. Back at his old high school (Frankford High School) in Philadelphia, Coach Namnun has found that winning can be fun as well.

In this episode, Coach Namnun talks about John Altobelli, growing up in The Bronx and Philly, playing football and baseball at Frankford High School, playing baseball in college, landing a teaching job, the Philly Public School League, the neighborhood, challenges, spring trip, Disney, success, and his staff.

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Photo credit: Juan Namnun
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