TC357: Ken Ottinger, Wasilla (AK) HS

Coaching in the North takes on a whole new meaning when you’re talking to the coach of a high school team in Alaska. Although we do a have a pin in the Top Coach guest map for Alaska, this is a guy who’s up there 12 months a year. Ken Ottinger is the head baseball coach at Wasilla High School and also coaches the American Legion team in the summer and the high school football team in the fall. Looks like he stays plenty busy.

In this episode we talk to Coach Ottinger about growing up in Oregon and playing college ball in California, the move to Alaska, getting into coaching, the short high school baseball season, the cost of high school sports in Alaska, long road trips, the benefit of extra curricular activities in school, hiring good staff, having a good booster club, and field maintenance.

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Photo credit: Ken Ottinger
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