TC353: Mike Neu, Cal

When we last spoke with a coach from the University of California, they were in a period of renewal, playing baseball under the banner of a foundation set up to support the baseball program. In 2012, after the school had initially announced that they were shutting down the baseball program, they rallied support and were able to continue. Now the program is flourishing once again and apparently on solid footing. Leading the Golden Bears these days is Mike Neu, taking over from long time former coach David Esquer.

In this episode, Coach Neu talks about growing up in the area, playing ball at Sac City for Jerry Weinstein, Jerry Weinstein’s influence on baseball coaching and innovation, lessons learned in pro ball, deciding between pro and collegiate coaching, learning to deal with different players differently, facilities upgrades, recruiting, and RPI.

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Photo credit: University of California Athletics/Robert Edwards-KLC fotos
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