TC344: Andre Butler, All Star Baseball Academy

The thing about most coaches is that they know that this is what they were meant to be doing. There’s something about the impact you can make on people’s lives that drives you. Such is the case with this week’s guest, Andre Butler. The last time we visited with Coach Butler, he was with DeSales University. The last time we actually saw him, he was speaking to a packed out room at the ABCA convention in Dallas, talking about outfield play. At that time he was a member of Rob Cooper’s Penn State staff. Now he’s director of player development at All Star Baseball Academy in West Chester, Pennsylvania. One thing remains constant — he loves working with young people.

In this episode Andre talks about finishing up his time at DeSales, moving on to Penn State, getting married, his ABCA presentation, the work he’s done developing the Graveyard Mentality approach to playing outfield, Curtis Granderson, All Star Baseball Academy, what works and what doesn’t in youth coaching, and watching games to get better as a player and coach.

Photo credit: Andre Butler
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