TC343: Bob Babb, Johns Hopkins

40 years. Let that sink in. That’s how long Bob Babb has been leading the baseball program at Johns Hopkins University. Looks like the school and Coach Babb both know a good thing when they see it. Coach Babb gets to keep doing what he loves and the school gets to see a consistently winning program continue to produce wins and baseball playing doctors.

In this episode Coach Babb talks about growing up in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and playing for his dad throughout his youth, getting recruited to JHU for basketball, high academics at JHU, his ABCA Hall of Fame induction, coaching multiple sports, his take on failure, the traits of a competitor, community service, how athletes have changed through the years, recruiting, scheduling, the Baltimore Invitation Tournament, staff, and support staff.

Photo credit: JHU Athletics
Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (
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