TC340: Steve Carter, Athens (AL) HS Football

Every now and then we’ll see a story that really illustrates what it is we’re trying to achieve as coaches in amateur athletics. Earlier this year a video went viral — and it didn’t involve a cat playing piano or someone getting hurt on a skateboard. It seems that down in Athens, Alabama, the football coaches at the high school thought it was a good idea to teach their young men some life lessons, in addition to the normal playbook, weight training, and conditioning. It was a video of assistant coach Steve Carter showing the guys how to change a tire that caught the attention of the national media, including folks like Ellen Degeneres.

In this episode, Coach Carter discusses his long career in coaching, the tradition of football in Athens, head coach Cody Gross, Alabama high school football, the Athens High School football program, teaching life lessons, making videos, and Manly Monday.

Photo credit: Myra Carter
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