TC338: Aaron Frey, Sabetha (KS) HS

Aaron Frey is a Sabetha boy who took his coaching passion and expertise a few other places over the years until he heard three years ago that Sabetha High School was starting a baseball program. Well, that caught his attention. Back in Sabetha, after the first year just to get warmed up, they’ve knocked off two straight state championships in a row and Coach Frey was named the ABCA High School Division 3 Coach of the Year. How’s that for a good decision?

In this episode, Coach Frey talks about growing up in Sabetha, the state of high school baseball then and now, his first foray into high school teaching/coach — teaching SIX different subjects and coaching THREE sports, the overall recent athletic success at Sabetha, weather, geography, staffing, and facilities.

Photo credit: Aaron Frey
Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (
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