TC336: Wayne Meyer, LeRoy (IL) HS

If we had to paint a portrait of a coach who represents one of the largest groups within the coaching community, it would be of Wayne Meyer. Full time high school teacher. Full time coach (part time pay). Family man. Well respected in his community. Impacting young lives. That pretty well sums up not only Wayne, but the largest percentage of people reading this right now.

It’s been a long time since we last talked to Coach Meyer, but a lot has transpired: Some very good seasons with both the junior high and high school baseball teams, a run to the state championship with the boys basketball team, and a medical issue that had him down, but not out.

In this episode we talk to Wayne about LeRoy (!), growing up and attending college in Central Illinois, what it means to be a coach, setting expectations with parents, organization (and how a guy with so many responsibilities keeps it straight), his view on tough losses, putting winning into perspective, his long and tough medical battle, and how he would like to be remembered. Plus, a bonus! Coach Meyer is subjected to the first lightning round we’ve had in a long time.

Check out our first interview with Coach Meyer from 2013 in episode 24.

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