TC327: Daron Schoenrock, Memphis

Not only is University of Memphis baseball coach Daron Schoenrock part of the vast Ron Polk coaching tree, but he’s been fortunate to have been associated with guys like Keith Madison, Jan Weisberg, Fred Corral, Brian Shoop, and Butch Thompson throughout his career. Noting the trend here? Yeah, great baseball coaches, but even better men. Just like these other guys, Coach Schoenrock is in the business of winning baseball games and turning out guys who will impact their communities and the world.

In this episode of Top Coach, Coach Schoenrock talks about his director of operations Al Woods, his hometown of Fayetteville, Tennessee, starting his collegiate career (albeit very briefly) as an engineering major, using the pay phone as a recruiting tool (sock full of change!), his brief stint as Michael Jordan’s batting practice pitcher, his foray into professional coaching, lessons he learned from some of college baseball’s best coaches, his recruiting strategy, community service as part of his team’s development, cleaning his shoes after every game, his ten year plan, and clearly defining his staff member’s responsibilities.

Coach Schoenrock recommends the Slawburger at Bill’s Cafe-Billiards in Fayetteville, Tennessee!
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