TC326: Jonathan Gelnar, Ahead of the Curve Podcast

If baseball coaching is about anything, it’s about sharing. Those coaches who like to keep everything to themselves are in the minority. The successful ones share with others the same way it was shared with them. Knowledge. Resources. Experiences. There are few secrets. Jonathan Gelnar has learned this early on and not only is he sharing with others around him, but he’s found a way through his Ahead of the Curve podcast to share with coaches around the world. Jonathan will readily admit, much of his work is for selfish reasons as well, as no one is learning more than him.

In this episode, Jonathan talks about growing up with an ex-MLB father, lessons learned early on in his youth playing days, learning big lessons from summer ball, discovering that he wanted to coach, the learning process as a coach, how to cut through all of the noise to focus on what’s important, efficient use of information, reaching out to (former Top Coach guest) Butch Chaffin, his fellow staffers at Union High School in Tulsa, and podcasting.

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