TC320: Jeremy Sheetinger, ABCA (part 1)

Given that Top Coach has brought in most of the biggest names in amateur baseball coaching, you’d think that our most listened to episode out of the over 300 that we’ve done would be one of these coaches. However, that is not the case. That distinction belongs not to a person who’s even actively coaching. Jeremy Sheetinger does, however, have the ears — and now eyes — of tens of thousands of coaches around the world — primarily through his work with the ABCA, but increasingly though his own work in audio, video, print, and speaking engagements.

In today’s episode of Top Coach, Sheets talks about some of the current initiatives that are keeping him and his associates at the ABCA busy (and busier) these days. Some of those efforts include the annual conventions, the ABCA podcast, the Barnstormers Clinics, ABCA Chat, and the brand new ABCA Road Show.

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