TC315: Erik Bakich, Michigan

Legacy, pedigree, and the coaching tree — Erik Bakich has seen it all. The influencers in his career make for a mighty impressive group of mentors. And coach Bakich has not let that influence and information go to waste. Into year seven with Michigan Baseball, Bakich is building a legacy of his own.

In this episode, Coach Bakich talks about his time at Clemson with Jack Leggett and Tim Corbin, baseball culture in Michigan, how the competitive nature of the game has changed, how the players at the lower levels have gotten better, the culture and fraternity of baseball coaching, working with assistant coaches (lessons learned from Jack Leggett, Tim Corbin, and Kevin O’Sullivan), the importance of having family around the program, recruiting philosophy, the creativity of northern coaches, fall baseball, and his baseball staff.

Here’s our interview with Coach Bakich in episode 38 from 2014.

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