TC300: Cal Bailey, West Virginia State

Cal Bailey is a college baseball coaching legend. And out of our 300 podcast episodes, his first two interviews were easily the most commented upon. Just as we’ve always thought, everyone loves a good story — and, my goodness, Cal does have some good stories. His legacy, however, is deep and broad, leaving not only 36 winning seasons in his wake, but a truck load of former players who are carrying on the coaching tradition and some solid citizens and family men.

In this episode, Cal catches us up on the goings-on at the farm, goes into detail on what his through process was when he decided to step down, what he misses most, what he misses least (hint: it’s spelled N C A A), the lessons taught through shared goals, the benefits of being part of a team, and his induction into the West Virginia Sportswriters Hall of Fame.

Listen to our first two interviews with Coach Bailey from 2014:

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  1. Well, once again another tremendous interview. To listen to him still feels like you are still playing and the more time goes on the more of a bond you see with former teammates and with former State players. I personally have always said that State Guys take care of State Guys. We root for each other sons even though their sons may now play for our opponents. We are always willing to help each other out.

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