TC298: Mike Stawski, Concordia Chicago (part 2)

We’re headed to Almost-Chicago for another visit with Mike Stawski, the head coach of Concordia University Chicago baseball, which, as we pointed out previously, is about two blocks shy of Chicago in River Forest, Illinois. Since we last visited just a few months ago, a lot has transpired for Coach Stawski and his CUC baseball squad. First things first — we catch up with what happened in a head-spinning last few weeks of the season, culminating in a trip to the D3 World Series in Wisconsin.

Also in this episode, Coach Stawski gets us up to date on the makeup of his coaching staff and we also discuss the importance of seniors and senior leadership, recruiting, the importance of engaging all of the players on the roster, practice organization, data-driven practices, making impacts, definition of coaching success, work/life balance, and the new facilities on campus.

And, oh yeah — Shout out to Mike’s MOM!

Listen to part 1 of our interview with Coach Stawski in episode 293.

Notable quotes:

  • “If you ever want to be really good, you’ve got to have really good seniors.” (passed on to Mike by his mentors)
  • “We made the map. They went on the journey.”
  • “The respect we give to our players — they give it right back to us.”
  • “There’s not a guy who wants to do bunt defense for an hour.”
  • “Are you going to baseball?” (Mike’s daughter)
  • “Success has nothing to do with the outcome of a game.”
  • “The most important thing is the way we win.”
  • “Man — that’s just baseball.”

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photo credit: Christopher Selner, Concordia Chicago Athletics
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