TC297: Ed Blankmeyer, St. John’s University

It’s been a long time since we visited with St. John’s head coach, Ed Blankmeyer. We’re reminded each time we talk why it is that people hold Coach Blankmeyer in such high esteem. In addition to his duties with Red Storm Baseball, he’s also a long time board member and past president of the ABCA. Yes, you’ll see him at each and every convention, but you’ve got to look hard, as he’s typically sporting a nicely tailored suit instead of the traditional Baseball cap and uniform.

In this episode, Coach Blankmeyer talks about the ABCA and his executive board duties, summer camps, spending a great deal of his time in the summer at tournaments, when he gets to take vacation, what his son (and long time ABCA convention fixture) Ty is doing these days (hint: it’s related to baseball), the opportunities to learn at the ABCA convention, his staff (long time ACs and some new guys), the new turf field, recruiting (including evaluating younger and younger players), NCAA rule changes, and the ABCA Barnstormers Clinics (coming soon to New York!).

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