TC291: Marc Rardin, Iowa Western CC (part 2)

We’re headed back to Council Bluffs, Iowa this week for part 2 of our interview with Marc Rardin, head coach at Iowa Western Community College.  Our first visit was cut a bit short by technical difficulties, but frankly, Coach Rardin has so many good ideas, it would be hard to squeeze them into one episode.

In this episode, Coach Rardin talks about the impact of weather – especially as it concerns teams in the north, some creative ideas that his staff has come up with to deal with the weather, IWCC’s relationships with outside organizations, the development of innovative ideas, how he knew that JUCO was a good fit, the benefit of explaining the why to his players, what to do with a potential recruit who raises red flags, how JUCO recruiting has changed over the years, and his former and current staff.

Here’s part 1 of our interview with Coach Rardin from March 5, 2018.

Notable quotes:

  • “Adjust and flow.”
  • “The game is made to be played every day.”
  • “Recruiting is hard.”
  • “You give a JUCO kid a bologna sandwich and he’s good to go for a doubleheader.”
  • “JUCO Math — 3 hours vs. 21 hours.”
  • “The success I have is due to who I married and who I’ve hired.”
  • “Your family will pay the price. Don’t make that be okay.”
  • “Battle boredom and frustration every day.”

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photo credit: Iowa Western Community College
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