TC290: Tom Frizzell, Massasoit Community College

Sometimes we look so hard at coaches we see on TV and hear speak at all the conferences that we sometime overlook the really good stories. Thanks to our friends out in the Top Coach community, we’ve be fortunate to be able to bring on coaches that have incredible stories to tell. Today is no exception. In fact, you’ll probably remember this interview for a number of reasons. Tom Frizzell, head baseball coach at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Massachusetts, got into coaching a bit later than many coaches, but he jumped in with 32 wins the very first season and hasn’t looked back, racking up the wins, sending his players on to four year schools and the pros, and winning a couple of JUCO national championships along the way.

In this episode, Coach Frizzell talks about growing up and playing Little League baseball right on the footprint of what is now the baseball field his team plays on, being paralyzed in a school building accident, being a bit reluctant about beginning as an assistant coach at Massasuit, proving himself as head coach, winning an NJCAA national championship in just his third season as head coach, what he learned about himself through his trials, his relationship with high school coaches, and his supportive family.

Notable quotes:

  • “We lived and breathed baseball.”
  • “I look at Massasoit as a salvation.”
  • “Once they know that you know the game, they’ll listen to you.”
  • “This coaching stuff is easy.”
  • “I’ll see your son every day.”
  • “I don’t want people to look at me as Coach Frizzell in the wheelchair, but as Coach Frizzell.”
  • “It’s the blood, sweat, and tears of coaching — and you do it because you love to do it.”

You can email Coach Frizzell at TFF13 [at]

Check out this 2015 article about Coach Frizzell in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

photo credit: photo courtesy Tom Frizzell
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