TC288: Dan McDonnell, University of Louisville (encore)

Sometimes an episode is just so doggone good that we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature t again. Such is the case with an interview we did with Louisville head baseball coach, Dan McDonnell in January, 2014. Top Coach was still in its infancy, but big hitters like Coach McDonnell added a zeal and depth that brought value to the Top Coach community in a huge way.

In this episode, Coach McDonnell clearly demonstrates why he’s one of the top coaches in all of collegiate athletics and why his name seemed to always bubble to the top whenever a big time position opened. He’s made it very clear, however, in the four years since this episode aired that he considers Louisville to be THE big time destination for college baseball. He talks in this episode about recruiting, in-game coaching, and practice organization, but pay close attention to his story about getting into coaching and the successes and bumps in the road on his journey. Take my word for it, you’re going to love this interview!

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