TC285: Tim Christy, Myrtle Beach High School

We here at Top Coach will have to start giving Robin Green more than just kudos. After all, he’s responsible for one of our most popular guests ever, Cal Bailey, and now he’s teed another one up for us with Tim Christy, head baseball coach at Myrtle Beach High School. No doubt we’ve got your attention now, as many of you on the East Coast — and even across the Midwest and South — know of Myrtle Beach High School, as it’s a destination for 96 high school baseball teams each spring for one of the largest tournaments in the country — the Mingo Bay Classic. Well, now you’ll get an up close look at Coach Christy and find out why so many folks find him so doggone compelling.

In this episode, Coach Christy talks about Myrtle Beach High School and its students from around the country and around the world (even Yankees!), his work as a PE teacher and assistant football coach, his childhood in West Virginia, playing for and coaching with the legendary Cal Bailey at West Virginia State University, his high school coaching journey, trying to keep players engaged in the age of constant stimulation, dealing with parents, and staffing.

Notable quotes:

  • “If the player comes to the realization as to the kind of player he is, it doesn’t take long for the parent to begin to understand as well.”
  • “What’s your career record, Coach?” “I have no idea.”
  • “I have a fella that’s probably saved me from divorce because he loves to mow grass.”
  • “I think that anybody that’s any good at what we do has the kid’s best interest in mind.”
  • “It’s about kids. It’s about helping kids to develop – first, as a person; second, as a player.”
  • “If you’re a good judge of coaching talent, it’s unbelievable the kind of success you can have.”
  • “Use the resources you have to get better.”

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photo credit: Tim Christy
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  1. Finally had some time to listen to this. Tremendous interview from another WV boy! Coaches here and former players of Cal Bailey know Tim and really watch what is happening at MB HS. Very knowledgeable and who would t want their child playing for a guy like Tim Christy. Really enjoyed it!

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