TC283: Brian Green, New Mexico State

Back in 2016, we talked to then New Mexico State head coach, Brian Green, who had at that point just finished his second season with the Aggies, having taken them from 11 wins to 34. Now with another very successful season, this time with 35 wins and a number one seed in the WAC Tournament, Coach Green seems to have his squad pointed squarely in the right direction. In our first interview, he spoke a great deal of culture, vision, mindset, and leadership. This time we’re having him back to talk almost exclusively about how a culture is developed and nurtured in an organization.

In this episode, Coach Green first catches us up on some of the developments in the year and a half since we last talked. Then we move on to topics like an organization’s over-arching philosophy, how to communicate culture, evaluating leadership, developing leaders, how to implement your plans with your staff, mapping our expectations with your coaches, introducing certain concepts to your players, using outside resources, and learning from exit interviews.

Hear our first interview with Coach Green in episode 193, from July 16, 2016.

Notable quotes:

  • “Map out specific expectations for each coach.”
  • “We’ve got to do a better job of developing leaders.”
  • “Let’s tell each other our story.”
  • “Evaluate your leadership.”
  • “Create clarity.”

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