TC277: George Zanic, Huntingdon (PA) HS

The vast majority of coaches in the Top Coach community do not make their living coaching baseball. That’s why we try to bring a wide variety of coaches from different situations and backgrounds. The fact is, whether it’s a D1 coach or junior high coach, we can all learn something. Today we’re bringing you a former college coach who’s now coaching in high school. It’s his day job, however, that sets him apart from any other coach that’s ever been a guest on Top Coach. You see, during the day coach George Zanic wears a black robe and is referred to as “Your Honor.” I guess you could say that this former attorney-turned-prosecutor now “rides the bench” as a judge. As you’ll hear, Coach Zanic of Huntingdon High School in Pennsylvania has quite an interesting story.

In this episode, Coach Zanic talks about growing up outside of Pittsburgh, playing baseball at Juniata College, trying to stay involved in baseball as a young attorney, how he became head coach at Juniata College, stepping down from coaching when he was elected as the district attorney, getting elected to the bench, turning a “foot in the door” back into a head coaching position at the local high school, and the success he’s had since returning to the field (including six college signees from one class).

Notable quotes:

  • “They learn the value of a team goal.”
  • “The key is consistency.”
  • “Once you have success, success breeds success.”
  • “I am where I am today because of athletics.”
  • “I learned to communicate because of athletics.”

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photo credit: George Zanic
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