TC275: Mark Delbrugge, Wheeling (WV) American Legion Post 1

Hey, this week we’re providing that “Wheeling Feeling” for no additional charge! The aforementioned feeling will be provided through your earbuds by Mark Delbrugge, the head baseball coach at Wheeling, West Virginia American Legion Post 1. That’s “1”, as in the first American Legion post in the U.S. And these guys have been sponsoring a baseball team since 1929.

In this episode, Coach Delbrugge talks about his life previous to retirement as a school teacher, his playing days at West Liberty University, coaching high school baseball, coaching his sons in youth baseball, the history of American Legion Baseball, the upcoming 100th anniversary of the post, eight straight titles for the post in the 1980’s, two recent back-to-back titles, building the program back from one team to now six, the number of players that have gone on to play college ball, what his sons learned through their affiliation with Legion Baseball, prospect camps for college coaches, and the benefit of Legion ball to the parents.

Notable quotes:

  • “The value of what we do as coaches goes well beyond the winning and losing.”

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photo credit: Wheeling, West Virginia American Legion Post 1
Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (
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