TC274: Kermit Smith, Appalachian State (part 2)

Back in January, Kermit Smith had not yet coach game one of his Appalachian State Baseball era. In fact, the dust had barely settled from fall practices. But this young coach had proven his worth already at NCAA D2 schools Belmont Abbey and Lander and had things buzzing with anticipation in Boone, North Carolina upon his arrival. So it’s not like we had nothing to talk about  in episode 222. But he’s now got a season under his belt and many more things we need to talk about, so we’re happy to bring Coach Smith back to talk to the Top Coach community again.

In this episode, Coach Smith talks about his year one expectations, a review of the first full season at App State, what he had learned from two previous “rookie seasons”, more thoughts on the differences between D1 and D2, scheduling: balancing travel vs. budget vs. RPI, his recruiting philosophy, upgrades at the ballpar to make it more fan friendly, and clubhouse improvements.

Notable quotes:

  • “However I would want my son to be advised in that situation is the same advice I’ll give in that situation.”
  • “If that game — whatever game it is — is not that important to them, then it probably won’t be that important to hit the weight room at 5 am.”
  • “I think you can see character on a baseball field.”
  • “That (kid) might be a season ticket holder for life.”

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