TC273: Rhonda Revelle, Nebraska Softball

As we branch out a bit into non-baseball territory, it’s a delight to see such big time coaches step up to the plate to share their experiences. This is like an all-star game — not a weak spot in the lineup. And for our very first softball coach, there’s no doubt that we’ve hit a home run. University of Nebraska softball coach Rhonda Revelle has carved out not only a place in the heart of Husker fans, but within softball fans all over the world. Her accolades, honor, and awards can stand on their own merits, but in this episode, you’ll get to hear why she’s held in such high esteem.

In this episode, Coach Revelle tells us why the city of Lincoln and the University of Nebraska are so special. She also talks about growing up in Oregon with a father who played fast pitch softball, knowing very early that she wanted to coach, starring in college softball in Oregon and at Nebraska, how (her past life in) insurance sales helps her in recruiting, learning delegation at San Jose State, prepping for interviews, the right philosophical fit within a staff, how female athletes look to connections and relationships, gauging character, and her multiple tenures as president of the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA).

Notable quotes:

  • “My genius comes in in the fact that I’m a great hirer.”
  • “She trusted me and I didn’t want to let her down.”
  • “I’m pretty good at looking into someone’s heart and seeing if I can pull out the good.”
  • “Would I want to be coached by me today?”
  • “I was coaching out of fear of getting fired. I had lost my why.”
  • “Who needs me today?”
  • “If I were the AD, would I have rehired me today?”

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photo credit: Scott Bruhn, Nebraska Communications
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