TC268: Patrick Klein, Ohio State University Women’s Basketball

There are some people that make you reassess your efforts, wondering whether you’re really as busy or passionate as you thought. Patrick Klein is one of those guys. The associate head coach of the women’s basketball team at THE Ohio State University not only has many irons in the fire — they are very large irons. Makes you think twice before complaining about the 5 a.m. dog walk. In addition to his duties for a big time Big Ten team, he runs his own company and heads up a non-profit that is very near and dear to his heart. We’ll get into all of that in today’s conversation.

In this episode, Coach Klein talks about growing up in the Appalachian Mountains of Southeast Ohio, playing multiple sports at a small school, assessing the overwhelming idea of going from a town of 5,000 to a school with 50,000, trying out for the men’s basketball team at Ohio State, making the practice squad for the women’s basketball team, learning and getting good at one particular skill, the keys to recruiting (circle the wagons, build relationships), game scheduling at the highest level, and his iBelieve Foundation for the youth of Appalachia.

Here’s a link to a story in The Lantern (Ohio State) about Coach Klein’s work with iBelieve.

Notable quotes:

  • “Students are going to be most successful if they’ve got someone to lean on.”
  • “I won the parent lottery.”
  • “My biggest failures have led me on my most successful paths.”
  • “Find something and really own it.”
  • “If you can’t find that inner push, then you’re in the wrong profession.”
  • “It’s about finding a voice for a region.” (re: the iBelieve Foundation)
  • “You changed the way my kid looks at life.”

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