TC265: Troy Buckley, Long Beach State

They wear “Dirtbags” as a badge of honor. It speaks to their attitude and the way they go about their business. This is Long Beach State University baseball. And joining us this episode to talk about what it means to be a Dirtbag is the Long Beach head coach, Troy Buckley.

In this episode, Coach Buckley talks about what exactly is a Dirtbag (and the origin of the name), his collegiate career at Santa Clara, the lessons he learned in professional baseball, becoming a player/coach at (MiLB) Ottawa (“One of the greatest decisions I ever made in my life.”), the surprises that came with college coaching, the differences between college and pro baseball, the recruiting tightrope (“getting a payer that’s good, but not too good.”), Long Beach’s recruiting strategy, and scouting.

Notable quotes:

  • “Failure prepared me for professional baseball.”
  • “Who we’re around has a defining bearing on what our foundation and principles are.”
  • “You have to get a sense of the situation.”
  • “Take care of your backyard first, then the state.” (On recruiting at Long Beach)

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photo credit: Long Beach State Athletics/John Fajardo
Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (
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