TC264: Justin Keever, Noblesville (IN), HS Baseball

High school baseball in Indiana has been on the rise, providing quality competition on a national level and sending player through to the collegiate and professional levels on a very consistent basis. Justin Keever is an Indiana guy who played his high school and collegiate baseball in the Hoosier state. Keever took over the Noblesville High School program in 2004 with the stated goal of winning the state tournament. And that they did a decade later in 2014.

In this episode, Coach Keever talks about the growth of baseball in a basketball state, starting a travel program as a part of filling the pipeline, studying to be an actuary, how his goals have changed over the years, making the transition from a team to a program, organizing and administering the various aspects of the program, and his terrific staff (including his 82 year-old freshman coach). BONUS: We give Coach Keever a chance to demonstrate his baseball geek bona fides (which he does on Twitter quite often).

Notable quotes:

  • “The default is to be selfish.”
  • “Try to get your players to run through a wall for each other.”

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photo credit: Justin Keever
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