TC263: Tony Ingle, Dalton State Men’s Basketball

Tony Ingle proves that you can go home again. Dalton, Georgia was home as a star basketball player and now he’s planted his flag solidly on home turf with coaching success at his old school since taking over the program when it made the transition to a four year school in 2012. Coach Ingle understands it’s far more than success on the court that matters, but it was definitely icing on the cake when the Dalton State College brought home the NAIA title in 2015.

In this episode, Coach Ingle discusses Dalton, Georgia (the carpet capital of the world!), being raised in the housing projects, “Tater Head” Smith (and other stories from his playing days), how tearing up his knee changed his focus, the 2015 NAIA national championship, his experience at many different levels (high school, JUCO, NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NAIA, pros), organizing, delegating, integrity and honesty, team speeches, and his book.

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Notable quotes:

  • “You’re a loser when you quit. You’re a failure when you blame other people.”
  • “Always be honest.”
  • “I am a national champion. I just haven’t proven it yet.”
  • “A coach is a carrier. I want to carry.”
  • “Only the ignorant think they’re a success by themselves.”
  • “On the street with no meat.”
  • “How long does influence last?”
  • “Be your best self.”

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photo credit: Dalton State College Athletics
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