TC257: Dr. Ken Ravizza, Heads Up Baseball

Dr. Ken Ravizza is nearly synonymous with the mental game in baseball. A professor at Cal State Fullerton for over 30 years, he worked with some of the biggest names in the game, from Augie Garrido to Joe Madden. Not only will Dr. Ravizza talk about the various aspects of the mental game in this episode, he’ll tell some great stories!

In this episode, Dr. Ravizza talks about working with Augie Garrido in the early days, his early work with the California Angels, experiencing his own self doubt from his work with the Angels, the history of the mental game in Major League Baseball, his current work with the Chicago Cubs, how baseball is a good fit for the mental game (15 seconds in between pitches), providing a structure and framework for what you’re already doing, responsibility and accountability, attention to detail in the little things, how a coach can get started with implementing the mental game, and his new book, Heads Up Baseball 2.0.

Get all of the information on the release of the new book and all of the opportunities discussed at

Read the fascinating story in Sports Illustrated about the legendary Jimmy Reese that Ken and Jack discussed. Great read!

Notable quotes:

  • “One pitch at a time.”
  • “The process has to take precedence over the outcome.”
  • “We don’t control winning and losing.”
  • “The game teaches the player.”
  • “Give one hundred percent of what you’ve got to win the next pitch.”

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