TC251: Corey Kemp, St. Scholastica

We’re going about as far north as you can go in the baseball world to attempt to play baseball within the confines of the NCAA spring schedule. Duluth, Minnesota is a beautiful place, but in early March — on the shores of Lake Superior — it’s not what you would call baseball friendly. Yet somehow, Corey Kemp and his College of St. Scholastica baseball team manages to get games in — and early. Some of that has to do with the new turf which allows for many more early season home contests than previously. And they don’t just play, they take on all comers and manage to win a large percentage of a tough non-conference schedule.

In this episode, Coach Kemp discusses his hockey and 9-man football careers, winning the state baseball championship as a high school player, his career start as assistant coach at his alma mater, the transition to head coach, the attributes of a good coach, work/life balance, recruiting the state of Minnesota, his view of success, weather challenges, playing a tough non-conference schedule, advice to young coaches, and upgrades at the ballpark.

Notable quotes:

  • “Hold true to who you are.”
  • “I might not be the best person to hire at another program…but when it comes to St. Scholastica…I’m the best person for the job.”


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photo credit: College of St. Scholastica Athletics
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