TC250: Nate Metzger, Wright State

Episode 250! Seems like a lot, but in a way it feels like such a short journey. Four years ago it was just an idea that occurred on a dog walk. Validation from the inner circle of coaching friends was necessary to ensure that the idea had some merit. And input from this group was critical. One of the members of the inner circle was (and is) Nate Metzger, then head coach at Heartland Community College. Now assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at Wright State University. Some of what you hear on Top Coach these days is a direct result of input from sound coaching minds like Coach Metzger. So what better way than to celebrate this milestone with our good friend.

In this episode, Coach Metzger talks about some of what he learned while a player at Greenville College and in the high school coaching ranks, the success of Heartland Community College baseball, the changing circumstances at Heartland that led to his decision to move on, the challenges of moving his family, circumstances, trust, doing your job where you’re at while looking out for opportunity, networking, his new duties at Wright State, and learning all about the state of Ohio. And it appears that I added a 51st state to our great Union. Welcome, “Central Illinois!”

Listen to our interview with Coach Metzger while he was head coach at Heartland Community College – episode 16.

Notable quotes:

  • “You either have the disease or you don’t.” (Quoting Rick O’Dette)
  • “Wright State is the best kept secret n college baseball.”
  • “Four factors in my job search: 1. Stay true to my faith 2. Take care of my family 3. Stay in the game 4. Avoid a real job”


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