TC248: Tim Corbin on Communications

Communications can absolutely bury you, whether you’re running a company, an organization, or a team. Frankly, one’s own personal communications can be overwhelming. There was a day not that long ago when all that was vying for your attention from a communications standpoint was your home phone, your office phone, an answering machine, and regular mail (of the postal variety). Then came email, cell phones, texting, smart phones, and social media — and an unrelenting avalanche of communications. Joining us today is perhaps the most respected college coach in the game, Vanderbilt’s Tim Corbin. Along with success has come an exponentially increasing demand on his time — much of that from the sheer volume of communications. How does Coach Corbin handle all of this? Find out in this episode of Top Coach, where all we’re talking about is communications. And tighten your seat belt, because the second half of the interview deals with internal communications — your team, staff, and more. This is gold!

In this episode, Coach Corbin talks about external communication strategies, being the CEO of your organization, delegation, when the cell phone is off and when it must be on, the proper uses of social media, the value of face-to-face communications in building a team, scheduled and impromptu one-on-one communications, the importance of the pre-practice meeting, personal communication, “drive-‘bys”, Pat Murphy’s advice on saying nothing, how the field should be a playground, which issues are best discussed as a group, and being approachable.

Listen to our previous interviews with Coach Corbin: Episode 31, February 10, 2014; Episode 58, July 21, 2014

Notable quotes:

  • “Your Twitter is Vanderbilt’s Twitter.”
  • “I try to lessen my voice as much as possible.”
  • “I want the players to look at the field as their playground.”
  • “The locker room after games is where real relationships start to occur.”
  • “You can’t build a relationship through a phone. You can’t build a relationship through a keyboard.”
  • “If there’s one spot in the day where I feel like we can communicate to the group, it’s right before we train.”
  • “Do you ever go on the field and say nothing?”
  • “My philosophies on communications were more formulated by football than any other sport.”
  • “I think confrontation is about changing behavior.”
  • “The power of your words is so incredibly important.”
  • “You don’t want to kill a person’s spirit. You don’t want to kill their dignity.”
  • “If you’re someone the kids feel like they can approach, the open door policy will take care of itself.”


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