TC242: Jad Prachniak, West Chester

Fresh off an NCAA D2 World Series championship in Texas, West Chester‘s Jad Prachniak was exactly where you’d think he would be when I caught up with him for this interview. That’s right — recruiting. Specifically, he was sitting in his car (sweltering!) under an overpass for I-94 after completing a long day of scouting. You wouldn’t expect any less. That just what you guys do. Seriously, whether it’s in the middle of the season or the middle of the summer, the coaches you hear on Top Coach are so generous to give of their time and find creative ways to carve out a few minutes to help their fellow coaches.

In this episode, Coach Prachniak talks about former guest Frank Leoni’s impact on his early career, getting his start as an undergraduate assistant at Rhode Island, the impact of his very first trip to an ABCA convention, how and what to pay attention to as a young coach, being a continual learner, that unbelievable first season at West Chester, factors that make playing baseball in the north so challenging, the success of the mighty PSAc conference, the traits of a good recruiter, staffing philosophies, and looking for D1 talent to fill his D2 roster.

Notable quotes:

  • “The PSAC is annoyingly good.”
  • “If we get nothing but ‘yes’, then we’re recruiting the wrong guys.”

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Photo credit: West Chester Athletics
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