TC241: Announcement, Jack Warren


This week’s episode is not your regular coach interview. Instead we’re taking a brief time out to talk to you about some exciting changes here at Top Coach and Cornbelt Sports.

We are thrilled to announce a new website that will debut in late June/early July, This new site will focus on the operations side of athletic departments and other organizations (summer ball, training facilities, etc.). Athletic Operations is the fastest growing segment in athletics. So rapid is the pace of growth, in fact, that we’ve found the need to peel all things operations off of Top Coach and roll them into our new website,

This week’s episode focuses on a few things that we’ll be doing:

  • Launching the new website,
  • A new bi-monthly podcast
  • Our operations conferenece, Ops Con, will move from Top Coach to


Don’t read too much into all of this. We’re all still one big happy family. We’re just reorganizing where it makes sense. Your comments and questions are encouraged!

Get your tickets to Ops Con!

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