TC240: Craig Rainey, Adrian College

Couldn’t believe it is only our fourth trip to the great baseball state of Michigan! Only the fourth, but we’re making it count with someone who’s been able to sustain success for 25 years at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan. Head coach Craig Rainey has seen an incredible run the last 15 seasons or so, piling up the wins, conference championships, and NCAA tournament appearances. What is amazing is that his first 10 years were just moderately successful, but since 2004, he and his Bulldogs have dropped the hammer.

In this episode, Coach Rainey talks about synchronized skating (!), family coaching connections, being another one of the many catchers to become skippers, picking the brains of non-baseball coaches, playing tough schedules in the spring, what he looks for in recruits, involving his kids in the team, coaching his son, what coaching football for one year later in his career taught him, the work ethic demonstrated by his father, and all of the former players who have stayed on as coaches.

Notable quotes:

  • “(As a catcher) You’re the only guy in foul territory.”
  • “Coaching high school football for one season (later in my career) gave me a little more fuel in my tank.”


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photo credit: Adrian College Athletics

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