TC238: Greg Appleton, Columbus State

In the talent rich state of Georgia, there’s some awfully good baseball being played. Over the last 20 years there’s maybe no place that’s been winning more consistently than Columbus State University. During that span, head coach Greg Appleton has guided the Cougars to over 700 wins, three trips to the NCAA D2 World Series, and a World Series championship. Since his short stay in Chicago during the first few months of his life, Coach Appleton hasn’t strayed from the Peach State.

In this episode, Coach Appleton talks about his playing and coaching years at the University of Georgia (including the ’90 CWS champs), starting the baseball program at Young Harris College, how 6 of 9 high schools baseball programs in Columbus have former CSU players as head baseball coaches, his long time assistant coaches (20 and 13 years), the differences between D1 and D2 recruiting, the supportive administration as CSU, and his wife Anne (and CSU Athletics photographer).

Notable quotes:

  • “Average years cause you to reexamine things.”
  • “(At Young Harris) I learned to do everything.”
  • “They were feeding me what I needed.”
  • “When I got here (CSU), I was in a hurry.”


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photo credit: Columbus State Athletics/Anne Appleton

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (

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