TC236: Dan Pepicelli, Cornell

He got his start in the NCAA Division 3 ranks in New York state and jumped to the biggest of big time, landing in Clemson, South Carolina on Jack Leggett’s staff for six years. When the Leggett era ended at Clemson, Dan Pepicelli had a decision to make and it appeared that the door opened wide at Cornell University to mark a return to his home state. 

In this episode, Coach Pepicelli talks about his start as an investment banker, the Agriculture school at Cornell, his work at Scholastic Coach Magazine, how coaching clinics and conferences helped further his knowledge, his work at St. John Fisher and Hartwick, the move to Clemson, the autonomy to do his job at Clemson, job shadowing, utilizing a recruiting network, recruiting at an Ivy League school, pre-screening recruits, and what his early employers saw in a young investment banker.

Notable quotes:

  • “There’s not going to be a facilities war in the Ivy.”
  • “My goal was not to make the same mistake twice.”
  • “Sometimes when you get whooped, you’ve got to pay attention to what just took place.”
  • “Baseball coaches are the most accessible.”
  • “Competitive games. You want to see them (potential recruits) in the fire.”

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photo credit: Cornell Athletics

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