TC231: Travis Jewett, Tulane

Next up to the plate in a long line of great coaches at Tulane University is Travis Jewett. When Rick Jones retired a few years ago after a wonderful run at Tulane, David Pierce stepped in briefly before he got plucked by Texas to replace Augie Garrido. That left Tulane in a tight spot, opening up a coaching search in July of 2016, which is very late in the collegiate coaching search cycle. Well, they looked to Vanderbilt, a school very similar to Tulane in many ways, and grabbed another apple off of Tim Corbin’s coaching tree. We recorded this episode right before the season started and it’s pretty apparent that he had little time to breathe. Yet he was gracious enought to give us nearly an hour of his time to talk about how things are proceeding down in New Orleans.

In this episode, Coach Jewett talks about the world class institution that is Tulane, growing up in Washington State, how JUCO baseball was his “big time”, some great advice he got from his mom, the importance of self-assessment, how he landed the position at Tulane, what he learned from Tim Corbin, assembling a new staff at a relatively late juncture, and the rising American Athletic Conference.

Notable quotes:

  • “Everything that happens to you is your fault.”
  • “You’d better have a plan.”
  • “That was my big time.” (on his mindset during his JUCO coaching days)
  • “Simply the greatest leader I’ve ever known.” (on Tim Corbin)
  • “Let’s try to swim in the right ponds”
  • “Make the big time where you’re at!”


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photo credit: Tulane Athletics

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