TC229: Matt Parker, Oklahoma Wesleyan

My goodness! For as big a baseball hotbed that is Oklahoma, I just realized that this is only our second visit to the state and the first at the collegiate level. Well, we’ve got a good one for you, that’s for sure! Matt Parker is the head coach at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, one of the top NAIA programs in the country. Coach Parker is in his sixth season with the Eagles, and continues to rack up big time win totals each season, including an incredible 58 wins to lead all collegiate classifications in 2014.

In this episode, Coach Parker talks about the field sharing agreement they have with the local high school, multi-sport athletes, his Allen Gum connection, his early start in coaching (Legion ball), how summer coaching led to his first collegiate gig, how the community shows up when they see lights at the field, the NAIA, scheduling, his philosophy of recruiting, and his super-supportive wife.

Notable quotes:

  • “All I really wanted to do is coach.”
  • “We’re not looking for the best ones; we’re looking for the right ones.” (Coach Parker on recruiting)


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photo credit: Oklahoma Wesleyan Athletics

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (

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