TC228: Jim Penders, UConn

This week we’re back in Connecticut, talking to old friend, UConn head baseball coach, Jim Penders. We had a tremendous visit with Coach Penders back in episode 140, where he shared a lot about coaching your son and being coached by your father. Now he’s back for a long overdue part two and you won’t be disappointed. 

In this episode, Coach Penders talks about the Jim Penders coaching tree (please note, SIDs: this is a great idea for all school baseball websites!), “changing the world” in the coaching world vs. the political world, changing responsibilities as you move up the bench, the challenges for a coach in the Northeast, practice plans (options A, B, and C), the UConn stadium update, the college sports calendar, scheduling midweek games, recruiting “inside-out”, networking, balancing evaluation between high school and summer ball, balancing business vs. fun on road trips, using a stop watch to measure intangibles, and “coaching the whole person.”

Notable quotes:

  • “I thought you were just screwing around.”
  • “It’s not about chairback seats. It’s a home for the team.” (talking about the ballpark/stadium)
  • “It’s difficult to hide in athletics.”
  • “The game of baseball makes the best people.”
  • Coach Penders on fundraising: “The best way is just to ask.”
  • “The high school coach is the best source of unbiased info.”
  • “This is a relationship business.”
  • “We are coaches first, recruiters second.”
  • “If you miss those opportunities to educate, you’re not doing your job completely.”


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photo credit: UConn Athletics

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (

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