TC226: Scott Malone, Texas A&M Corpus Christi (part 2)

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You asked for it, you got it! After our first conversation with Scott Malonewe’ve got an incredible amount of feedback commenting on that episode. The Texas A&M Corpus Christi coach knows how to pack some energy into every answer. This native Texan was more than happy to sit down with us and get to some things that we just didn’t have time for in the first go-round. In this episode, we get to drill down a bit more and get his take on some important areas of his program.

In this episode, Coach Malone talks about what his in-season Mondays are like, the importance of face-to-face meetings, building relationships, his scheduling philosophy, recruiting, JUCOs, his recent change in recruiting philosophy, advice for aspiring coaches, helping young coaches get started, letting his young guys get responsibility, conversations with coaches about decisions, creating an atmosphere for fans, facility upgrades, and nutrition.

Notable quotes:

  • “Get out of your comfort zone in the summer.”
  • “I’m a conversation guy.”
  • “You’ve got to coach all 35 guys on the roster.”
  • “You don’t want a sense of entitlement to come into the program.”
  • “Entitlement is bad. Development is good.”
  • “The only way you’re going to become a great coach is by getting out there and having success and by getting out there and failing.”
  • “Monday is Catch Up With All My Buddies day.”
  • “I like to hear myself talk.”
  • “Work camps. That’s how you’re going to meet your next boss.”


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photo credit: Texas A&M Corpus Christi Athletics

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  1. Coach Malone what a great man. I could listen to him for two more hours if you could. great information.
    How about getting Coach Dominguez from Bradley University?
    I enjoy the podcasts.

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