TC225: Billy Wagner, The Miller School (VA)

We’ve had coaches on as Top Coach guests that very few people have heard of. What is amazing is that we’ve had hall of fame coaches that aren’t known outside their immediate area. Coaches are used to laboring in obscurity. Most of them are not in this career for the spotlight. Today’s guest had significant spotlights during his 15 year Major League Baseball career. Now Billy Wagner moves under the radar at The Miller School of Albermarle in his home state of Virginia. At first, it was just a move to another part of Virginia that had been suggested to him by a teammate. He didn’t even know anything about The Miller School. Now he’s launched a second career and loving it.

In this episode, Coach Wagner talks about growing up as a “country boy” in rural Virginia, learning to throw left-handed after breaking his right arm twice, his career at Ferrum College (our third guest from Ferrum!), the mentality of winning and competing, coaching against his old high school coach, the inordinate impact you can have as a high school coach, and learning to communicate differently for each kid.

Notable quotes:

  • “Coach each kid differently.”
  • “I’m not asking you to be perfect today. I’m asking you to build on this.”
  • “I couldn’t see, so I had to run around a lot of people.” (on his high school football career)

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photo credit: The Miller School Athletics

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