TC221: Johnny Cardenas, Stephen F Austin

Johnny Cardenas is a Texas boy and former professional ballplayer who’s sure that he’s found the right place — coaching college baseball at Stephen F Austin. He knew he could stretch the pro career out just a bit more, given primarily that he was a bilingual catcher, but he was ready to move on. After a couple of high school coaching stints in Oklahoma and Texas, he found his way to Stephen F Austin in Nacogdoches. 

In this episode, Coach Cardenas talks about getting kicked of his JUCO team and having to beg and work his way back, lessons learned from professional baseball and high school baseball, the success of the Southland Conference, recruiting against the big boys, why JUCO players are essential to his program, and the attributes of a good recruiter.

Notable quotes:

  • (Talking about his wife): “I could not have found a better person to help me in this journey to be a Division 1 coach if I would have put out an application.”


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photo credit: Hardy Meredith

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