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TC219: Lindsay Meggs, Washington (part 1)

Lindsay Meggs says he learned the most from a football coach. This California guy has learned to pick up and apply lessons learned from many sources, including guys like Joe Maddon. The University of Washington head coach says that “It’s a simple game. People have complicated it.” So from that standpoint, he likes Joe Maddon’s ability to simplify.

In this episode, Coach Meggs talks about what playing multiple sports taught him as a player and a coach, the new AD’s vision for the program, how the Pac 12 is as good as it’s ever been, scheduling concerns (such as RPI), what really constitutes the culture of a program, and developing leaders.

And here’s some particularly pointed advice when it comes to young coaches: “We want them to be involved in every aspect of what we do. We want them to be involved in everything they want to do.”

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photo credit: Washington Athletics

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