TC218: Mark Yoshino, Bellevue College

Mark Yoshino is the long time head coach at Bellevue College, the second largest college in Washington State (who knew?). He’s another one of those guys who played multiple sports in high school, but it dawned on him fairly quickly that his future would be in baseball. He had a very successful high school career — primarily as a pitcher — winning a state championship, along with teammate (and future MLBer) Jon Olerud. Mark went on to play junior college baseball and then moved on to Portland, where he didn’t play a game, but where he said the impact for his future was great.

In this episode, Coach Yoshino talks about his early goal of becoming a sports performance and conditioning coach (unfortunately, right before that wave hit), the JUCO recruiting process (coming and going), being careful not to oversell a player, the advantages that his program offers to four year schools who recruit his players, staffing on a limited budget, how his organizational abilities helped him land a niche job, how a coach he never played a game for became his biggest mentor, and incorporating his role as pitching coach into his position.

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Photo credit: Mark Yoshino
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