TC217: Kevin Schneider, Immaculata University

Kevin Schneider has proven himself as a successful travel organization coach/administrator and high school coach — including a state championship and three consecutive city championships. Now he’s hoping to parlay that success into a run of success at the NCAA D3 level at Immaculata University.

In this episode, we talk to Coach Schneider about Catholic high school baseball in Philly, his first meeting with Kevin Wilson, bonding and communication with young athletes, the appeal of Immaculata University, and the importance of surrounding yourself with a good staff. Seems Coach Schneider is a hot commodity on Instagram. Follow him at @KevScheider41 on Instagram.

From Coach Schneider:

  • “I was born to be a coach.”
  • On recruiting: “Talent is a huge part of the equation.”
  • “When you really believe in what you’re selling, it’s easy.”
  • “They’re only cliches if your action doesn’t back it up.”

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Photo credit: Kevin Schneider
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