TC216: Ed Flaherty, Southern Maine (encore)

This is the first time we’ve presented an episode a second time. I’m often asked for episode recommendations and this is one that comes up often. Southern Maine’s Ed Flaherty is held in high regard by almost every person that’s ever meet him. One of the things you’ll quickly discover when listening to this interview is that he has a sense of purpose and direction in his life — so much so that it could only make you pause and evaluate your own path. Take a listen to this great interview and please pass it along to someone else.


Ed Flaherty wouldn’t change a thing. In his 29th season with NCAA DIII University of Southern Maine, Flaherty has amassed quite a resume. Seven trips to the DIII World Series, two rings, and many Coach of the Year awards. Asked if he do anything differently along the way, he ponders, but insists that his life has been a good one and the trade-offs for more high profile positions might have led to some compromises.

You can hear that he loves Maine and he loves Maine players. The fact that he’s been so successful with them is just icing on the cake. Coach Flaherty sees his job first as being a good husband and father, then helping to develop good citizens, who just happen to be wearing USM uniforms.

Photo credit: Southern Maine Athletics

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